Protected Area Permit
Protected Area Permit is a permit require by forien nationals for visiting Manipur. Application can be appiled online from this website. Please click here to apply online now
Department of Home
Goverment of Manipur




War Cemetry

The British and the Indian Army Cemeteries commemorating those who died in the Second World War are serene and well maintained with little stone markers and bronze plaques recording brief accounts of their anguish and sacrifice. These graves are maintained by the Commonwealth War Graves commossion.





About the Department:
The Home Department directly handles the issue of Protected Area Permits (PAP), licenses for fire arms etc. The Police Department, the Home Guards and the Jail Department come under the jurisdiction of the Home Department and these work hand in hand to ensure that the law and order situation in Manipur remains under control. The Police department is mainly responsible for efficiently maintaining law & order by preventing crimes. The Jails Department, is responsible for the safe being and the welfare of the inmates in custody. It also plays an important role in reforming the hard-core criminals and train them so that they become economically independent. The Home Guards provide security to the VIP, Rural Banks and Godowns. It plays an important role in the relief and rescue operations in case of a disaster or a calamity.

Department’s Objectives:
The principle objective of the department, on a whole is to ensure proper law & order conditions prevail in the State. The broad objectives can be summarized as:To provide better training to the personnel and ensure proper co-ordination so as to carry out all the tasks of the department efficiently.

  • Raising interest among the youth to join the Armed Forces.
  • Ensure proper Jails reforms.
  • Modernization & upgradation of Police Force to meet the renewed terror threats.


Service Provided:
The services provides by the department are as follows:


Protected Area Permits


License for fire arms


Lodging of FIRs


Information about missing persons


Information about criminals


Awareness about Armed Forces


Security for the state’s citizens


VIP Security


Management of Police Personnel


Management of Home Guards


Office Administration


Armament Management


Vehicle Management


Pay & Allowance of Police Personnel


Service matters of Personnel